The website is one of the most powerful resource sites for the safety professional and business owner. I've used this site over and over again to research, gain training material, and uncover regulatory agenda for years to come. Unfortunately, there are many people that are unaware of the wealth of information buried on this site. This blog post will uncover the Top 5 features on the OSHA website that will save you thousands of dollars.

Number Five

OSHA Quicktakes is a bi-weekly newsletter released on the 1st and 15th of each month for subscribers to get the most recent information from OSHA initiatives, products and services that will assist the subscriber. Past issues have revealed upcoming rules or open comment periods for proposed rules. Many of the posts show who, what, where, and how much a company has been cited by OSHA in recent months.

Quicktakes can save a company money by informing them of new regulations to prepare for in the future. Often people are unaware of new regulations, so they become exposed to a possible violation. Through the simple opt-in of this newsletter, a company can be ready and informed.

Number Four

In a similar fashion as number five, the information found under the Law and Regulations is there to inform the user of what is the rules and regulations of OSHA. There are hyperlinks to all of the laws, open comment items, compliance directives, and the regulatory agenda. This section has information leading to the OSH Act and historical notes.

However, knowing the regulatory agenda for OSHA, can prepare you for in advance (sometime 3 years) for any new rules. Decision making for capital improvement projects become easier when you get a glimpse into the minds of OSHA. This knowledge can focus budgets and other planning activities.

Number Three

The It's a Law poster is an OSHA must to have at your facility. It carries a $1000 fine for not posting the poster, but it's available for free on the OSHA website. Not only can you dump the companies that send you this poster annually, but you can have this poster in several different languages. This poster can even be printed on your company computer in the right sizes to keep you compliant.

Number Two

Publications can be the best way to share safety and health information with the workforce in a non-threatening way. Someone can need to research a topic that is new to them and can find this information on the OSHA website for easy download. As you scroll down the publication page on the website, you will notice the button that reads "Order Now". If you select this button, you can get publications loaded to your "cart". OSHA allows up to 5 different publications and 5 copies of each to be sent for free (tax payers dollars). If you need a bulk order of publications, then you can order them by phone and have them sent to your workplace for your training needs.

Number One

Susan Harwood Grant training materials is my pick for the number one money saving resource for any company on the website. The grants are given to nonprofits, tribal organizations, and state or local government supported higher education organizations that target underserved, low-literacy, and workers in high-hazard industries. What makes this program wonderful is that the organizations must make their training public.

If you scroll through the index by topic, you will find many training materials in English and Spanish. Furthermore, the lion's share of material has PowerPoint, student handouts, quizzes, and facilitator guidance material. You can save thousands of dollars on training material by utilizing the available course materials provided by this grant program.

The website can be daunting because of the vast amount of information housed on the website. has a course devoted to the discovery of the data and services available on the OSHA website to help the small business owner or safety coordinator to save thousands of dollars, reduce injury and illness, and stay compliant with OSHA.